Press inquiries

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Phone: +45 75 59 45 00

Product, sponsorship and collaboration request guidelines

We often get requests from influencers and companies in various fields regarding collaborations and reviews. We are thrilled to receive this kind of attention and opportunity for exposure.

Before any kind of partnership, please note that we are a design company with a strong focus on sustainability. This means our products are made responsibly and it is important to us that you communicate this as well.

Our products are also handmade and variation in product appearance may occur, keep this in mind when deciding whether or not, a potential partnership will be a good match. We reserve the right to decide if our brand will be compatible with your blog or social media content.

For any blog & social media request, we ask of you;

Please keep in mind, we may also share your images for own promotion purposes on our social media channels as well. This will be beneficial for you as we of cause credit all content.

We have had to put these strict guidelines in place so we can provide our customers with adequate inventory, manage quality control and because of the fact that we have had some fraudulent imposters that like to say they are influencers and ask for products to review, only to not review it at all or to even say they never received the item in the mail. These types of influencers make it hard for other influencers that are truly serious about their craft and what they do is a lot of hard work and dedication. It also shows these people have no knowledge on how to conduct professional business and maintain a working business relationship.

We take our products and what we do very seriously and these guidelines help us cut down on some of the fraudulent influencers. Giving out our handmade inventory to people who just want free product and never live up to the actual promise is a costly affair. We really appreciate your understanding of these guidelines.